If you have set your mind to choose Carribbean cruises for your holidays, you should know what to plan next. Find out in this article some easy steps in choosing the type of carribbean cruises, the itinerary and schedule of carribbean cruises.

Easy Steps to Planning a Caribbean Cruise

Finding the right Caribbean cruise may seem like looking for the proverbial needle, but by answering just a few directional questions you will find in no time exactly the sort of cruise you're looking for.

What type of Caribbean Cruise?

Big and commercial or small and personal are your two main choices. Many people choose the big companies because they are well known, there is security in their popularity, they offer good deals, their facilities and amenities on ship are unbeatable, and they're easy to find. However, big companies may not provide the personal touches that smaller Caribbean cruise companies might, and they will almost certainly only be able to visit the larger ports, whereas a smaller company may be able to provide a more genuine Caribbean experience.


Once you've decided on the type of cruise experience you want, the next step is to decide on your destinations. Most Caribbean cruise providers will have a few options and your main choice is between east and west Caribbean. Have a look on line, research some of the places such as San Juan, and Grand Cayman and make a short list of the places you want to visit. Which ever company offers the most stops from the places you chose, is your Caribbean cruise provider.


The majority of solely Caribbean cruises are between 4 and 10 nights. Things to consider when choosing the length of your Caribbean cruise should include your time schedule, your budget, and how long you want or are able to spend on a ship.

Finally, don't forget your interests; make sure that you book a Caribbean cruise that offers you both on and off ship entertainment, be that an on-board climbing wall, long enough stops for hikes, or enough choices of restaurants.

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Find out more about Carribbean cruises in our archive. Carribbean cruises are simply awesome and you can't go wrong by choosing any of the Carribbean cruises. Happy Vacation!

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