Carribbean cruises are the perfect choice for people who want to have extraordinary in their vacation time, nowadays. With the prices is getting more competitive and more people can afford them, Carribbean cruises are in demand. If you too are planning to get on one of those Carribbean cruises, let's get to know the best and the second best of Carribbean cruises lines.

The best cruise line of the Carribbean cruises is the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. There are twenty cruise ships in service. The 'Adventure of the Seas' and 'Freedom of the Seas', two name a few, are two well-known Royal Caribbean cruise line. Royal Carribbean cruises are five star cruises, the biggest and the most innovative cruise ships. It offers luxurious and superb accommodations that no other Carribbean cruises lines can match. The free room service is 24 hours operated and all meals included at all restaurants and buffets. You will be impressed with the services delivered by the well trained staff. The cruise are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities such as spa treatment, pool, ice skating rink, gymnasium and hot tubs to name a few. There are three types of rooms available, there are the indoor room, the ocean view room and the balcony. These types of room together with the number of days of your vacation will determine how much you have to pay to on board on the Royal Caribbean cruises.

The second best of Carribbean cruises lines is the Carnival Caribbean Cruise lines. Their rating is a four and half. The size is smaller and the feel, the facilities, amenities, the accommodation is not as luxurious as the Royal Caribbean. Don't worry, they still have restaurants, pools, bars, saunas, shops and other amenities that included in your fee. This is the most popular options among families, as the cruise has many kid oriented activities on board compared to other Carribbean cruises lines. Thus, they are branded as the "Fun Ships". They sail from Miami to Caribbean throughout the year and offer eight different classes of cruise ship.

The Royal Caribbean and the Carnival Caribbean cruise lines are the most sought after for people cruising the Carribbean regions. The Royal Caribbean is more suitable for adult oriented, whereas the Carnival is more suitable for families. Pick the one that suit your needs and you will not regret you Carribbean vacation.

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This is another Carnival Cruise lines commercials. It really inspire and motivate you to plan for your Carribbean cruises vacation. are simply awesome. Choose any of the Carribbean cruises that fits your needs and enjoy your vacation.

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This is Carnival cruise lines commercials. It is one of the well-known Carribbean cruises lines. It really inspire and motivate you to plan for your Carribbean cruises vacation. Carribbean cruises are simply awesome. Enjoy this video!

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Wanna know what to expect when you board the Royal Caribbean - Freedom of the Seas? This video tells. Credits to the owner of the video for sharing his experience and thanks for make us envy! Carribbean cruises are simply awesome!

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Wanna peek what inside the Royal Caribbean cruise? This video tells. This is not a commercial, it is recorded by one of the satisfied passengers. They really had fun in the Royal Caribbean cruise. Thanks for sharing this video and make us envy!

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This is another Royal Carribbean commercials. It really inspire and motivate you to plan for your Carribbean cruises vacation. Carribbean cruises are simply awesome. You can't go wrong by choosing Carribbean cruises. Enjoy this video!

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This is one of the Royal Carribbean commercials. It really inspires and motivates you to plan for your Carribbean cruises vacation. Carribbean cruises are simply awesome. You can't go wrong by choosing Carribbean cruises. Enjoy this video!

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After all hard work in your life, you may think of a great vacation to pamper yourself. Carribbean cruises may come into picture but you really do not know what they can offer. Many people choose Carribbean Cruises because of the very exciting experience they can offer. Carribbean cruises provides you with all the amenities that a five-star hotel does. Carribbean cruises also provide a "back to nature", nightlife, shopping, entertainment and fine dining under one roof.

So where do Carribbean cruises go? Let's take a look at the normal Carribbean cruises routes. There are Eastern Carribbean Cruises, Western Carribbean Cruises, and Southern Carribbean Cruises.

The Southern Carribbean cruises leave from the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico and cruise over to the Lesser Antilles and the Netherlands Antills and proceed to Aruba. The Eastern Carribbean Cruises is the most popular among the Carribbean Cruises options.They depart from Florida and other easteran seaport of the US. They travel from Key West Sea to the Bahamas. You will also cruise over to the Turks, Caicos Islands,Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Whereas the Western Carribbean Cruises depart from Florida, Texas and Louisiana ports of call. They will go to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, island of Cozumel, Jamaica, Honduras and Belize.

Every stop of Carribbean cruises offers fantastic, unique and diverse experience. For example, the Eastern Carribbean cruises offers shopping, snorkeling and sailing. Whereas, the Western Carribbean cruises offers more to natures experiences and the Southern Carribbean Cruises offers wildlife experiences.

For the short period of Carribbean cruises, you will be at the sea for about one or two days. You can enjoy all the experiences on board like dining, dancing, relaxing, shopping, entertainemnt and the rest, while you are at sea. When the Carribbean cruises stop at your destination, it is up to you whether to stay on the cruise or go out and enjoy the scenery.

On the other hand, longer period of Carribbean cruises normally port at several different locations and for longer days. So you have ample time to enjoy whatever activities offered. Once you depart from the last location, you can relax onboard and pamper yourself with all the facilities on board, and ready to set up your mind to come back for work.

You can't go wrong by choosing one of the Carribbean cruises as each offers unique experience and unforgettable vacation. Find out more about Carribbean cruises in our Archives and our Carribbean Cruises Tips. Have a nice vacation!

Looking for tips on Carribbean cruises? The article below will help you to get most out of your Carribbean cruises planning. Get these tips before you commit to any of the Carribbean cruises. Good Luck!

Quick Carribbean cruises tips (Carribbean cruises)

Tip No.1
Plan carefully, compare all the options you have, then decide where you want to go and what you want to experience and stick to it. There are so many options and itinerary available. Many face problem in choosing the locations and many regrets during the halfway of the journey. So make sure you are very firm with your decision, so that your vacation with any of the Carribbean cruises is worth paying.

Tip No. 2
Always make sure that your travel agent is a certified ones. If you feel something is not right, you can always check with the travel authorities.

Tip No. 3
Always choose any of the Carribbean cruises that suit your budget. It may sounds so good when you read the advertisement or the description about the cruise, but always remember if you choose the one that exceed your budget, you'll end up thinking of how to pay the bill at the end of the journey, instead of fully enjoying your vacation.

Tip No. 4
If you like to socialize and make new friends, you can consider a theme cruise. There could be Carribbean cruises that offer so called theme night such as cruises for honeymooners, for rock n roll lovers, the 80's, Frence night and such.

Tip No. 5
To start to planning, you can use the internet. There are quite extensive information about Carribbean cruises you can get from the internet such as the cruise operators website, the online blogs and forums related to Carribbean cruises. You can also use Yahoo Answers to post up you questions and may those have the experience would like to share with you. Once you get the information that you want such as the type of cruise, the location, the itinerary, the one that suits your budget, you can bring along that information to your local Carribbean cruises travel agent. Get at least three quotes before you finalize it.

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Find below some excellent cruise tips that you can apply to your Carribbean cruises. May with these tips your Carribbean cruises vacation is more meaningful. Enjoy your Carribbean cruises.

Cruise Tips To Maximize Your Cruise Vacation

You are getting ready for your much anticipated cruise vacation. The best way to maximize your cruise travel is to have some of these cruise tips about the little things you should know. Many cruisers have questions about phoning home, seasickness, laundry facilities, and photography while on their cruise vacation. These are not big items that should concern you during your cruise travel but helpful hints nonetheless.

Phoning home always gives one peace of mind when they are on vacation. It is natural to want to check on your children, or check into the office, just remember that ship to shore phone costs can be very hefty. They can cost up to $15 minute, so I if you must, keep it brief. You can use your cell phone but be aware that in some areas roaming charges will apply. Your cell phone will not work in Europe unless you have universal service.

It is very important that you leave the information on how to contact you at home in case of an emergency. When you receive your cruise packet there will be contact information included. Make sure you leave the name of the ship, the cruise line you are traveling with, and the itinerary that you plan to follow. Make it very clear that it is for emergencies only.

There is a way to get around this expense and that is to buy a phone card and call home from your ports of call. The connection will be far greater and your savings too. Be aware that this is where the crew members make their calls home so you may want to venture further from the dock to find a not so busy public phone.

All of the modern ships are wired for the internet so you can stay in touch with email. This is a much easier and cheaper way to but your mind at ease. On some ships if you are a frequent cruiser the internet time is free. If you are not, connections can run from fifty cents to a dollar a minute. Just keep in mind that they are not high speed hook ups so they will be slow. Compose offline and then send your message. Some ships will offer you package deals to save a little money. Here again, if you can wait until you get to port, internet cafes ashore are relatively inexpensive.

Seasickness is almost a moot point on today's cruise ships. They are so large that you don't even know you are moving unless you look out the window or you are up on deck. With today's technology for weather tracking the cruise lines know in advance if any storms are approaching and therefore can avoid the area. Earlier cruise ships had stabilizers but nothing compared fo today's technology which enables them to counter act any motion the sea has to offer.

If that doesn't calm your fears about seasickness and cruise travel there are a number of ways to ensure a very comfortable cruise. Take a cruise vacation in an area of the world that has calm waters on a modern ship with the aforementioned stabilizers. It is best to book a cabin in the middle of the ship on one of the lower levels. If just looking at a horizon that is moving sends you into a tizzy, book an inside cabin. A little known cruise tip is to arrange your beds in alignment with the ship, bow to stern. Rocking is always easier to handle than a rolling motion. Once, you've got yourself situated on board go up on deck and stare at a fixed position on the horizon to get your body use to the motion.

Your doctor may have some medication you can take, or try the acupuncture bracelets that go around your wrists. If you do feel queasy eat crackers and green apples to settle your stomach. Ginger capsules have been said to work wonders and are available in your health food store. By all means avoid any alcoholic beverages which will only make your symptoms worse.

On board laundry services are very expensive. Book a ship that has an onboard laundry room for passengers so you can do your own. These laundry rooms will be equipped with an iron and an ironing board. An alternative is to pack a small bottle of laundry liquid and a few clothes pins in you luggage, hand wash them in your stateroom and hang them from the shower line provided.

Photography is always a big question. Should you bring a camera or rely on the ships photographer? The answer is to bring your own. If you don't want to worry about your expensive digital camera, buy a lot of the throw away types. Pick up a few waterproof ones too for when you take you snorkel adventure. Take twice as many as you think you need. If you don't use them on this cruise vacation you can always use them at the next holiday or birthday celebration.

You could also opt to pick up a cheap digital. You can buy them for about $20.00 and you won't have to worry about losing it since your expensive one is at home. These are usually smaller than the pricey ones so they are easier to carry around.

On formal nights you will want to get your picture taken by the ships photographer. These pictures are wonderful memories of your cruise but they are expensive. The ships photographer will take pictures of you all through the cruise. Getting on and off the ship, on deck, in the dining room at your table and when you enter the dining room on some nights. Although these pictures are fun, you are not obligated to buy them. If you are on a cruise vacation for a special occasion like a honeymoon or an anniversary, splurge and buy them, they will be more than just memories.

These are just a few cruise tips for the little things you should know about cruise travel. Having this knowledge before your cruise vacation will help you on the way to clear sailing.

Happy Cruising!

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Having a vacation with Carribbean cruises let you visit different ports of calls. You may wonder what can you do there? The article below give to awesome tips that you can apply on your Carribbean cruises vacation. Remember these tips and enjoy your Carribbean cruises.

Cruise Tips For Cruise Travel At Your Ports Of Call

Cruise travel is one of the best vacations you can take. During your cruise vacation you will visit several different ports of call. Your cruise ship will dock at exotic islands or new countries almost on a daily basis. Check out the cruise reviews on line for cruise tips before you visit your destinations to find out what fantastic experience each port has to offer.

During your cruise vacation you will visit ports to shop, explore, beach, sightsee or hike. There are a wide variety of activities in each cruise destination. Or you could just depart the ship for a chance to walk around for a change of pace. Although this is a great cruise adventure, you should realize that you will only get a small sample of what each port of call has to offer. And be forewarned, as you step of your majestic cruise ship there will be hordes of natives trying to sell you a trinket or a tour around the city.

If you take the advice above and search the cruise reviews, you should have a pretty good idea what each destination has to offer. Choose the one that has the most encompassing tour of your port. In exotic ports they have full day tours, including lunch, that will take you to the highlights of the place you are visiting. This is an ideal way to sample the city or island getting ideas for what you may want to come back for at a later date. On island tours you may want to take an organized tour in the morning, go back to the ship for lunch, then light out on your own to explore more fully, shop or just go to the beach.

If you are more adventuresome, skip the lunch on board and dine in the city. You get to experience the local cuisine and soak up the native culture. This is your vacation, learn new and different things. If you chose to do this check with the cruise director for the best places to dine and make sure you know the exchange rate. On of the cruise tips is to put your meal on a charge card so you will be charged the exchange rate on the day the bill hits the credit card company.

A cruise tip that is very useful is to use the brochure that the ship gives you for their organized tour and follow it on your own. Only do this if you are comfortable with the country you are visiting. If it is your first time overseas to a port of call, it is best to stick with the organized tour for safety and convenience. Other cruise tips can be found online about some of the wonderful things to see and do in various ports of call. Be conscious of one thing, if you chose to explore on your own, know what time the ship leaves and how long it will take you to get back on board. If you are not on an organized tour it is your responsibility to get back on time or the ship will leave without you. You then have to meet the ship at the next port of call at your own expense.

If you opt for an organized tour sponsored by the cruise ship, it should cost you anywhere from $20.00 to over $200.00 depending on what you choose to do. It could be just a simple bus ride around town for two hours or a two day trip from St. Petersburg, Russia to Moscow. The options are endless.

Most cruise lines will let you book in advance on their websites. This is very convenient and helpful with tours that sell out quickly. For instances, in the Cayman Islands the Stingray City tour is very popular and will sell out. If you book it in advance you guarantee your spot. The more inexpensive tours also tend to sell out because of some cruisers watching their budgets. So, don't miss out, check out the cruise lines website to see if you can book your ticket in advance.

It is good to know the game plan that the tour offers. Things you should be aware of is how much the guide will be with you and do they speak English clearly. Mostly the cruise lines have very competent tour guides, but better safe than sorry. Will have any time on your like for shopping or stopping in a café? It is very important to find out how much physical activity is required before you sign on for any tour. If you have limited mobility you don't want to go on a tour that climbs the Acropolis in Athens or Dunns River Falls in Jamaica. Find out if a snack or lunch is provided, so if it isn't you can bring along adequate funds to get your own.

There are private touring companies that you can contact on your own if you wish to tour in a more private fashion. Another alternative is to buddy up with some fellow cruisers and share taxi tours to cut your expense in half. Many times you will meet people on a cruise that have similar interests and you will spend a lot of time together on the cruise ship, why not touring also? It's a way to save money and enjoy other passengers company.

Only hire licensed taxi drivers. Their credentials should be prominently displayed in the front of the cab. With a licensed driver you are ensured a safe trip and a guide who is knowledgeable about the islands or cities background, where to shop, eat or gamble. And of course they will know the best beaches available. Negotiate the price of your tour up front. If you chose to go to a destination where you will be dropped off for a couple of hours, negotiate with the driver to come back and pick you up. Settle on a price and pay half up front and half on the way back. If the driver has been helpful and friendly, please tip him or her.

Some cruisers like to rent cars in their ports of call. It is recommended that you only do this in destinations that you are familiar with and have a good knowledge of where you are going. Be careful when renting a car. Be sure to check out the entire car for any damages that may already be there and note them on your rental contract. If you fail to do this you may be charged for damage that was already done.

Lastly, use common sense when touring. Don't travel in dark tight alleys, put your money under your clothes, don't wear expensive jewelry and don't let yourself be surrounded, especially by children. Always carry identification and the name of the cruise lines agents in the port of call in case you get in trouble.

You are on a cruise vacation make the best of it. Get off the ship at all of your ports of call whether you are touring or are just poking around. Be sure to take lots of pictures so you will have years of beautiful cruise travel memories.

Happy Cruising!

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Before you go for any Carribbean cruises vacation, please find out some excellent Carribbean cruises tips in the article below. This will definitely help you to get the best out of your Carribbean cruises.

Some Excellent Cruise Tips For Your Caribbean Cruise Vacation

The first day of your Caribbean cruise vacation is here. Most of the day will be spent getting to know your cruise ship, making spa appointments, booking tours on the Caribbean Islands and trying to get cruise tips from your fellow passengers.

The first night of your Caribbean cruise vacation is always a casual night since most people have traveled a good portion of the day. It’s also the night you meet your table mates. Here is another cruise tip, be a few minutes late on the first night (only on the first night-be prompt from then on). There is usually a crush of people when the dinner bell rings and everyone is trying to find their table.

If you are eating in the traditional cruise style, always ask for a large table for several reasons. You have a better chance of meeting a mix of people, and the more people you meet during your cruise travel, the merrier. One thing to do is change seats every night at the table so everyone gets to talk to everyone else during the course of your cruise vacation. It’s much more fun. And a round table is ideal since rectangular ones make it difficult to talk to the guy at the other end. However, if you find that you are unhappy with your table, absolutely go to the maitre d' and asked to be moved. He or she will accommodate you as best they can. There are people who chose to dine alone and the ships have tables for two but they fill up fast.

Freestyle Dining and Choice Dining are available on some Cruise Lines for those who want to eat on their own or don’t want to be delegated to a specific dining time. Your travel agent will be able to set this up when booking your Caribbean cruise vacation.

Now you are on day two, and usually that means it's a day at sea. You are just itching to put into your bathing suit and get out in the sun. Listen to this, it is the most valuable of all the cruises tips here, do not try to get a tan on your first day of your Caribbean cruise vacation. You will spend days of your precious cruise trying to recover from very bad sunburn. The Caribbean sun is very intense and is even more so in the summer months.

Get waterproof sun block and use it liberally if you are swimming or snorkeling. Don’t forget the tops of your feet, your ears and lips, this can be extremely painful. Wear a hat so you don't burn your scalp.

To avoid injury follow these tips. Be careful if the decks are wet, they become very slippery. Watch for the raised lips in some doorways especially between your cabins sleeping area and the bathroom. Never sit on the railings as you may fall. Wearing high heels could be hazardous in bumpy weather. When tendering to shore keep your arms and legs within the tender. These are all very good cruise tips

All of the newer cruise ships have an internet café; some even have an internet connection in your room. So if you want to bring your lap top with you, by all means do. There are some small luxury cruise ships that have lap tops available for your use. Check with your cruise travel agent, he or she will know. Most people won’t want to be bothered with their computers, but it is nice to check your email if you are going to be away for awhile, and ship to shore phone calls are very expensive on the cruise lines.

The last evening will also be a casual night since you have packed your bags and put them outside your cruise cabin. Tomorrow will be an early morning and the end of your enchanting Caribbean cruise vacation.

There always seem to be many questions about tipping while taking a Caribbean cruise vacation. These questions come up on European cruise vacations too, but we'll stick to the Caribbean. Some cruise lines will absolutely not let you tip. These are the very high end cruise lines. Some automatically add it to your bill. If you do not like this arrangement tell the purser that you will tip on your own. Tipping on a cruise ship is very important since the room steward, waiter and busboy all make their living on tips. They work very hard to keep you happy during your Caribbean cruise vacation so please tip them. You may want to figure out the amount of tips you will be paying at the beginning of the cruise vacation and separate that from your spending money. You won’t get caught short.

If a Maitre d’ does something special, like crepe suzettes at your table, you should tip him. When you order wine or drinks there is already a 15% tip on the charge, so it is not necessary to tip here. If you find a special bar and frequent it, give the bartender a bit extra on the last night. As I said tipping policies are different on all ships so find out ahead of time. Holland American has changed their tipping policy. It used to be "no tipping necessary". That policy is no longer in place. On NCL Hawaii a $10.00 per day per person is added to your bill and it is not optional.

A nice gesture on a two week cruise is to give half the tip after the first week, the cruise staff will appreciate this. On almost all of the cruise ships, the general rule for tipping is $3.00 per day, per person for the waiter and the room steward and $1.50 per person per day for the bus boy. If you’re not sure the Cruise Line will usually give you guidelines. If your room steward or waiter showed you excellent services tip them more.

Alcoholic beverages on board are expensive. All cruise ships have there own policy if you bring your own, some confiscate it and return at the end of the cruise, others allow you to buy bottles on board, and others will allow you to purchase it but won’t deliver it until the end of the cruise. Each cruise line has different policies so check with your cruise travel agent. In many cases you can bring wine and champagne on board.

Here’s just a small note about seasickness. On the really huge ships it should not be a problem. If you are prone to it and are taking a smaller ship, there are over the counter remedies. Dramamine and Bonine are in tablet forms and can make some people drowsy. Because of the size and the stability of the current fleet of cruise ships only 3% of cruise passengers are affected by this.

There are wrist bands that you can purchase that act on the theory of acupuncture. Then there is also the Patch that you wear behind your ear. If you do not purchase one of these before the cruise and find yourself getting a little green, the purser's office will provide you with them. Go out on the open decks, eat saltines, green apples and drink ginger ale. Do not do anything that requires you to look down, like reading or writing.

In health food stores you can buy powdered ginger caplets which are the natural remedy. That should take care of it. Stay away from greasy foods. This is no longer a huge problem since most ships today have stabilizers that keep the ship from pitching to and fro. If you do have a problem with "mal de mar", it is not wise to take a sailing cruise or a small ship in notoriously rough seas like the South China Sea. It is so shallow it is always a little rough. The waves bounce off the seabed and come back up making it a bit choppy. Here again the size of the ship matters and having a little information will be helpful. This is where a really knowledgeable cruise travel agent comes in.

All cruise ships have a policy on smoking. On one ship they had an absolutely no smoking policy anywhere, they have since changed that rule. There is never any smoking allowed in the showrooms or the dining rooms. In many cases they designate one side of the ship in the bars as the smoking section while the other side is smoke free.

You can smoke in the bars and in the casino. Never, ever, toss a lit cigarette overboard, it can blow back on deck and start a fire. Please be considerate of the other passengers and follow the rules. And be aware that you will encounter many more smokers on a European cruise vacation and on European cruise ships that winter in the USA.

These are just some sensible cruise tips for you to follow on you Caribbean cruise vacation.

Happy Cruising!

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Whichever Carribbean cruises that you have planning to choose, please bear in mind these five quick tips listed in the below article. It can be applied to any Carribbean cruises or just any cruise ship vacation. With these quick tips, your Carribbean cruises would be more meaning ful.

Cruising - Five Quick Tips Before Taking a Cruise Ship Vacation

Cruising is a wonderful and relaxed way to see several countries while enjoying the sun. Today, cruise trips are extremely popular due to their low cost and luxury travel experience.

However, like all travelling, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start to plan your cruise ship vacation.
Here are some cruise tips to help guide you on your journey.

1. All inclusive cruises are not available

Most all cruise lines do not offer an all inclusive package. Alcohols, soft drinks and even water all needs to be paid for when on cruise ships. The only things included are the cruise itself, your cabin and generally at least 1-2 meals a day.

2. Shop around and consult different cruise agents

Cruise agents are like travel agents, but are experts in cruising. Be prepared to tell the cruise agent exactly what you are looking for. You could visit 5 different agencies and receive 5 different quotes for the same cruise. In addition, look for deals in off weeks. A fare may be $2000 one week and $800 the following week.

3. Be aware of added charges

If you are planning to cruise alone and don't want to share your cabin, you can anticipate a single's supplement charge of 10% to 100% of a per person's rate (depending on cruise line). In addition, a lot of cruises require you to pay extra for any on shore excursions, or any special activities that are offered on board. Be prepared to spend an additional 30% of the cost to take part in any of these activities.

4. Knowing when is the best time to cruise

Cruising is usually a little cheaper during the spring or fall. Weather can be uncertain, especially in the fall given many Caribbean destinations could have hurricane seasons during this time. This is something to watch out for. The dry season for Caribbean cruises is during the summer where as the rainy season is during the winter. Other cruise lines have short cruising seasons, such as Alaska cruises which normally run from May to September.

5. Have fun!

One of the most important tips that I can give to you on your cruise ship vacation is to have a great time. Relax! After all it's your vacation and you deserve to make the most out of it. There are many things for you to do, fancy dinners and dressing up, meeting new friends, visiting exotic locations, being on deck in the sun, doing off shore excursions, and much more! It's important to have fun, so when you come back you feel better about yourself and that you got the most out of your time and money.

Remember, cruising is an absolutely exceptional way to spend your vacation. They are very relaxing and a very enjoyable way to spend some time away. However, like all vacations, you need to know what is required before purchasing your dream cruise ship vacation. Keep this in mind and I have no doubt your cruise trip will be a complete success!

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