After all hard work in your life, you may think of a great vacation to pamper yourself. Carribbean cruises may come into picture but you really do not know what they can offer. Many people choose Carribbean Cruises because of the very exciting experience they can offer. Carribbean cruises provides you with all the amenities that a five-star hotel does. Carribbean cruises also provide a "back to nature", nightlife, shopping, entertainment and fine dining under one roof.

So where do Carribbean cruises go? Let's take a look at the normal Carribbean cruises routes. There are Eastern Carribbean Cruises, Western Carribbean Cruises, and Southern Carribbean Cruises.

The Southern Carribbean cruises leave from the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico and cruise over to the Lesser Antilles and the Netherlands Antills and proceed to Aruba. The Eastern Carribbean Cruises is the most popular among the Carribbean Cruises options.They depart from Florida and other easteran seaport of the US. They travel from Key West Sea to the Bahamas. You will also cruise over to the Turks, Caicos Islands,Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Whereas the Western Carribbean Cruises depart from Florida, Texas and Louisiana ports of call. They will go to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, island of Cozumel, Jamaica, Honduras and Belize.

Every stop of Carribbean cruises offers fantastic, unique and diverse experience. For example, the Eastern Carribbean cruises offers shopping, snorkeling and sailing. Whereas, the Western Carribbean cruises offers more to natures experiences and the Southern Carribbean Cruises offers wildlife experiences.

For the short period of Carribbean cruises, you will be at the sea for about one or two days. You can enjoy all the experiences on board like dining, dancing, relaxing, shopping, entertainemnt and the rest, while you are at sea. When the Carribbean cruises stop at your destination, it is up to you whether to stay on the cruise or go out and enjoy the scenery.

On the other hand, longer period of Carribbean cruises normally port at several different locations and for longer days. So you have ample time to enjoy whatever activities offered. Once you depart from the last location, you can relax onboard and pamper yourself with all the facilities on board, and ready to set up your mind to come back for work.

You can't go wrong by choosing one of the Carribbean cruises as each offers unique experience and unforgettable vacation. Find out more about Carribbean cruises in our Archives and our Carribbean Cruises Tips. Have a nice vacation!

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