Carribbean cruises are the perfect choice for people who want to have extraordinary in their vacation time, nowadays. With the prices is getting more competitive and more people can afford them, Carribbean cruises are in demand. If you too are planning to get on one of those Carribbean cruises, let's get to know the best and the second best of Carribbean cruises lines.

The best cruise line of the Carribbean cruises is the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. There are twenty cruise ships in service. The 'Adventure of the Seas' and 'Freedom of the Seas', two name a few, are two well-known Royal Caribbean cruise line. Royal Carribbean cruises are five star cruises, the biggest and the most innovative cruise ships. It offers luxurious and superb accommodations that no other Carribbean cruises lines can match. The free room service is 24 hours operated and all meals included at all restaurants and buffets. You will be impressed with the services delivered by the well trained staff. The cruise are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities such as spa treatment, pool, ice skating rink, gymnasium and hot tubs to name a few. There are three types of rooms available, there are the indoor room, the ocean view room and the balcony. These types of room together with the number of days of your vacation will determine how much you have to pay to on board on the Royal Caribbean cruises.

The second best of Carribbean cruises lines is the Carnival Caribbean Cruise lines. Their rating is a four and half. The size is smaller and the feel, the facilities, amenities, the accommodation is not as luxurious as the Royal Caribbean. Don't worry, they still have restaurants, pools, bars, saunas, shops and other amenities that included in your fee. This is the most popular options among families, as the cruise has many kid oriented activities on board compared to other Carribbean cruises lines. Thus, they are branded as the "Fun Ships". They sail from Miami to Caribbean throughout the year and offer eight different classes of cruise ship.

The Royal Caribbean and the Carnival Caribbean cruise lines are the most sought after for people cruising the Carribbean regions. The Royal Caribbean is more suitable for adult oriented, whereas the Carnival is more suitable for families. Pick the one that suit your needs and you will not regret you Carribbean vacation.

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